Easy to edit: Simple or Multi-page Mobile Templates

Already have a website you like, but it's not mobile friendly? Why not have us create a multi-page mobile website to compliment? Alternately, simpler is sometimes better. In an emergency all you want is a phone number, our popular *Tap to Call* feature will get your customers connected NOW!

Take a look at our previous designs for various clients in different niches. Our designers and developers boast years of experience and are very comfortable with any kind of design that you desire.

Beauty Salon Beauty Salon Fashion Boutique Hair Salon Jewelry Shop

Beauty Salon

This beauty salon design showcases a video and your latest offer on the front page which makes customers engage with your site.

Fashion Boutique

Showcase the latest and trendy dresses that will capture the attention of your customers. Post your best offer on the front page.

Hair Salon

Is your hair salon business on mobile? If not, then you should think about putting your site out there using this beautifully designed theme.

Jewelry Shop

This elegant design will work well for your jewelry shop. It is elegant and simple which will make your site stand out from the rest.

Restaurant Restaurant Coffee Shop Pizzeria Steakhouse


This restaurant design shows the best of your menu on an intuitive mobile website. Display your latest creations and make mouths water.

Coffee Shop

This mobile website design helps your coffee shop look professional. Put up your latest offer on the front page and watch people avail it.


Showcase your different pizza creations with our mobile website design. Show off your latest line of delicious pizza.


Ideally suited for your steakhouse business. Show a video of steaks cooking and promote your latest offers.

Plumber Plumber Real Estate Garden Services Flower Shop


Get this mobile website design to place your plumbing business online an on mobile device. Take advantage of this easy to work with design.

Real Estate

Showcase the properties that you sell with this clean mobile website design. Easily post pictures of the properties and increase your reach.

Garden Services

Maximize the online presence for your garden services business with this beautifully designed theme. Show your latest garden creations.

Flower Shop

This mobile website design is a good fit for your flower shop business. Show your latest coupons or offerings on the front page of the design.

Hotel Hotel Taxi Services Night Club Travel Agent


This mobile website design allows your hotel business to showcase its rooms and important amenities. Those looking for a hotel will notice your mobile site.

Taxi Services

An intuative 'Tap to Call' mobile website design is ideally suited to your taxi services company. Providing easy access for customers contact you directly .

Night Club

Make your night club stand out by using this elegant and mobile website design. Show different videos on the front page of your mobile website.

Travel Agent

Showcase the beauty and the tourist attractions of the best destinations that your travel agency caters to using this mobile website design.

Financial Services Financial Services Law Firm Lawyer Computer Services

Financial Services

This mobile website design will help you connect with your prospects by showing them your latest offers and fund performance.

Law Firm

As more people use the internet to search for services including law firms. Use this mobile template to widen your reach.


As a lawyer, having a mobile website is indeed an advantage. Display your expertise and contact details with Facebook and Twitter.

Computer Services

This mobile website design is perfect for your computer services business. List the different services you provide and display your latest offers.

Medical Company Medical Company Dental Services Fitness Center Dog Grooming

Medical Company

This mobile website design allow you to showcase your different specializations and display discount coupons or your different promos.

Dental Services

This mobile design is a perfect fit for your dental services business. Widen your reach by providing a link to your Facebook page.

Fitness Center

This mobile design will showcase the best that your fitness center has to offer. Show different workouts or snapshots of what your fitness center looks like.

Dog Grooming

Your dog grooming business would want to install this mobile website design. You can use this as a portfolio of the different dogs you have groomed.

Master Locksmith Master Locksmith Wheels & Tires Wedding Planner Cupcake Shop

Master Locksmith

Open locked doors of customers using this mobile website design. Show what you do and what your clients say about you with this mobile design.

Wheels & Tires

Your wheels and tires business may need an online mobile website design. Detail services and display your latest offers and discount coupons for your customers.

Wedding Planner

This mobile design will match well with your wedding planner business. You can display photos and videos of different events which you have planned.

Cupcake Shop

Showcase your cupcake shop's delicious creations using this mobile website design. Let your customers know about your latest products and offers.

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