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Adaptive Lease FAQs

What is the Adaptive Lease Program?
Through our ADAPTIVE LEASING PROGRAM, we can afford the small business owner the opportunity to have a professionally designed, cross platform, mobile responsive website, that is customized to meet their individual needs.
What does the Adaptive Lease Include?
  • Mobile Phone *TAP-TO-CALL* Features
  • 24/7 Cyber Attack Security Monitoring
  • Professional Mobile Responsive Designs
  • Customization... To Your Business Specifics
  • Premium Hosting On Our Professional Grade Servers
  • Daily Monitoring Of Your Websites Performance And Server Up-time
  • Monitoring Of 'Plugins' (website software) And Updating As Required
  • Optimized Keywords For Your Business And Search Engine Submission
  • Domain Name Management (if required). Don't have a Domain Name?
    Not to worry... we'll help you get one.
  • In A Nutshell... WE DO IT FOR YOU.. Allowing More Time For You To Concentrate On Your Business
What does the Adaptive Lease Program Cost?
  • $399 Development Cost (onetime fee)
  • Nominally Priced Lease at $60.00 per month for 12 month term
  • Monthly lease price includes hosting and website management.
  • And..... After 12 months your site is paid for and you own your website.
What happens once the lease term expires?
Options available once you own your website:

  • You can choose to have us continue the same hosting and management of your website at a very affordable $20.00 per month (Recommended)
  • Alternately, you can choose to get your own hosting provider and assume all responsibility for the management of your website. We will transfer your website to your new hosting provider. (Please note: The onetime cost of this transfer service is $49.95. To avoid any downtime, as much advance notice as possible will be appreciated.)
Why is the development cost so reasonable?
Simply put... our hard work SAVES you money.

Over a thousand hours has been put into the development of, basically, *ready to go designs* for over one hundred different niches. Our website demonstration views give our prospective clients a good understanding of what 'their' soon to be website will look like.
With a little tweaking (images and text if needed), the addition of your company info and logo, and we can have you up and running usually within one week. 🙂
OK... I like what I see! So..... how do I get started?
  • Simply choose from one of our 145+ designs that best suits your business.
  • Let us know your choice and we will set up a demonstration site for your viewing (at no charge).
  • If you like what you see... we will require the $299 development fee up front to legitimize your commitment.
  • Then provide us with your details and we will customize your niche choice to your specifications, with your business logo and information.
  • Upon acceptance , and we will set up a monthly lease plan through PayPal.
  • We will host and manage your new website on our professional grade server utilizing your existing domain name.
  • Don't have a domain name? No problem... we will help you get one and have it registered in your company name.

30 Day Money Back Warranty

No questions asked Money Back Warranty?
Our goal is create long term relationships with our customers by creating a professional quality website that works for you. If you're not happy, then we're not happy.
We are so confident in our designs that:
Your first months hosting and management is free. If within 30 days, you decide that the website we develop for you is not what you expected, simply let us know and we will return your $399 development cost in full.

Theme Questions

Why do themes and plug-ins need to be updated?
To be quite candid... the internet is a frontier that still needs to be tamed, and at times, is not a very user friendly place. There are many challenges involved with having a website online, be it viruses, denial of service attacks, or unscrupulous hackers.
As means of prevention, themes and plugins are constantly being upgraded in order to deal with new threats as they rear their ugly head. As part of our Adaptive Lease Program we are constantly monitoring our clients websites implementing any upgrades as they come out in order to protect their investment.
Can the content of my website be modified as my business grows?
The short answer is yes. However, due to the fact that our lease program provides hosting and management on our server, we have to restrict client access in order to protect all of our clients.
That having been stated, we will be pleased to make any future modifications or updates for you at our nominal rate of $30.00 per/hour.
Which browsers and operating systems do you test the themes on?
We test all our themes on Internet Explorer 7 and 8, the latest versions of Firefox, Safari. and Chrome. Regarding operating systems; our themes are independent of the operating system you use.

Mobile Design Solutions

What is a *Tap To Call* feature?
*Tap To Call* boldly displays your phone number upfront to your mobile customer, no scrolling back and forth looking for your number, and not having to input the number as it will automatically be programmed on their phone.
How do my customers access my mobile website?
Responsive Designs
Responsive website are designed to provide a smaller (complete) version of your website, which automatically adjusts in size to fit the device by which it is being accessed; be it via desktop, tablet, or cell phone.
When a customer accesses your business website via a mobile device, a redirect script automatically detects the mobile device and adjusts the screen view of your website accordingly.
What if I already have a website I like but it's not mobile friendly?
Simple Mobile Design
Many businesses have already invested a lot of time and money in a website that they like, but it is not mobile friendly. In today's marketplace and with the growing use of mobile technology, unfortunately that business is missing opportunities to attract those mobile customers.
Solution: Let us create a mobile friendly version that mirrors your current business site.
In this case, simpler often times does the job. A one or two page mobile version with your business contact information and *Tap to Call Feature* is all that is required.

Interested But Still Not Sure?

Thus the reason for the word ADAPTIVE.
We realize that one size doesn't necessarily fit all, thus the term *Adaptive Lease*.
Consultation is free, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the lease process or having the option of purchasing your website outright, please use the form on our CONTACT US page and we'll be sure to get back to you in a timely manner.

*No Charge Consultation*

Click the button below.... then simply fill out the contact form to let us know your needs, and we'll be sure to get back to you in a timely manner.

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